Building a Sam Maloof Style Rocking Chair

Started a new project build that’s been on my bucket list. Sam Maloof inspired rocker.

4 days of work selecting wood, making templates and working on the seat. 3.5 hours today power carving and shaping the seat… 1.5 hours vacuuming up the dust!!!

Rocker progress…back legs roughed out and fitted to the seat.

Rocker progress… arms, 6 hours of a little power grinding but mostly hand sculpting.
Headrest shaped and attached. Now disassembly and more shaping on the seat and front legs.
Three days so far on slats. Hand shaping and fitting to the seat. Next I have to shape the upper half of the slats and fit to the headrest.

Rocker progress…everything sculpted to final shape (takes a long time). Now sand and scrape down to 220 grit sandpaper. Next remove headrest, install spindles and glue the headrest back on permanent. Then on to the rockers. 150+ hours so far.

Ready for rockers.

First rocker glue up. Walnut, wenge and cherry.

Rockers out of the forms and first fit up. After locating the rockers to the chair spent time today hand shaping the rockers. Tomorrow I’ll glue the rockers to the chair and do the final shaping to the legs. It will be ready for 6 coats of a poly/oil finish by the weekend.

Completed chair

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